NaviATC is a Drone traffic management platform

enabling mass UAV movements by bridging UAS technology of operators with frameworks laid out by Regulators.

We are operating in 3 Countries




What we focus on:


We understand that movement of goods, services and people is linked to the evolution of our species and our markets. Our team has come together to build the technology that promotes us to the next phase of human evolution.


Our techstack is an aggregation of the latest, proven, most scalable technologies put together with agile processes, resulting in the platform being compatible with the existing aviation systems, adaptable to demand and changes.


We run a lean startup that dominantly focuses on feedback, metrics, and the customer. We practice problem solving, open communication, building value for our customers.

Our Products Include:

Risk Engine

Risk Assessment score that is configured to your operation and is 90% more accurate.

UTM (UAS Traffic Management)

Zero download, one click UTM for your commercial BVLOS fleet operation BVLOS, FLEET, ONE CLICK, DOUBLE REDUNDANCY.

Counter Drone Intelligence

A minimal involvement, auto alert/warning aggregating data from various sources such as UAS Ground.

Features on


Virtual ATC Tower

Perform all the functions of a ATC tower without the tower or the people in it. The true unmanned traffic management system is here.

Aviation Database

All the stakeholders such as organisations, manufactures, pilots, and the flying machines themselves can be registered onto the platform.

Hyper Localised Regulations

The platform offers the highest safety, trust and scale to the airspace operators to launch/sustain their services.

Traffic Tracking & Risk Engine

The platform offers real time airspace awareness for planning, certification, operational intelligence and tactical deconfliction.

Active Airspace Exchange

We exchange airspace data in real-time with neighbouring providers, ANSP’s and stakeholders of the modern airspace.

The Hub to all UAS

The software easily interacts with any fleet management, GCS to facilitate real time, low latency FCD exchange between the systems.


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